MARA TRIANGLE SAFARIS COVID-19 health and safety protocols

There is undoubtedly no determined end in sight of the COVID-19 pandemic although global
efforts to find vaccine(s) and develop guidelines on how to live with COVID-19 have picked

Is it safe to travel to Kenya amidst the global covid-19 pandemic?

Our answer is YES. Kenya has been listed among the 80 global destinations certified and
authorized to use the “World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) “Safe Travel Stamp” after the
destination’s adopted the global COVID-19 health and hygiene standardized protocols.
This stamp allows for the recognition of Kenya as a viable holiday safari destination subject to
the implementation of the health and safety protocols.

Our COVID-19 health and safety protocols:

Mara Triangle Safaris has adopted tourism and hospitality protocols on health and safety to
mitigate the effects of the disruptions caused by the corona virus disease and taken
responsibility of ensuring that destination Kenya is safe for tourism business.

Education and training
All staff at Mara Triangle Safaris have received training on preventing and minimizing of infections
from the covid-19. This is an ongoing process as we continue to receive more updates regarding the
pandemic from Kenyan Ministry of Tourism.

Our Vehicles
As per the Covid-19 regulations stipulated for transport by the Ministry of Tourism, Mara
Triangle Safaris vehicles (Vans and land cruisers) will carry window seating passengers with
enough space between the passengers and maximum will be seven. Family members travelling
together are exempted from this requirement.
For coaches, the seating capacity will not exceed 70% of the carrying capacity.
Our vehicles are washed at the end of each trip and sprayed with a surface sanitizer.
Tourist vehicle shall not be allowed to make stopovers at any other place apart from the pre
arranged designated points or areas, unless in emergency.
Packed food will be encouraged for long drives.

Temperature and health checks
Temperatures of staff, guides and clients are taken at appropriate times

  • Clients temperature will be taken before the board the vehicle.
  • For staff and guides, this is at the start of the day before they come into contact with
  • For clients with a temperature of 37.3°C or more will not be permitted to join the tour.
    They will be advised to self-isolate or seek medical attention.
  • All our core staff have valid covid-19 free certification not more than14 days old from a
    recognized government approved facility at the first time and subsequently maintain
    Covid-19 prevention guidelines prescribed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and relevant
  • We have provided approved facemasks, hand sanitizers/hand washing facility with
    running water and soap at the entrance and at other strategic locations in the premises
    which are hygienically operated.
  • Guides and clients are required to wear masks during the duration of the tour.
  • All staff have been instructed to wash or sanitize hands their before and immediately
    after entering the work premises, after changing into uniforms, after using lockers and
    frequently while on shift, particularly after touching items or surfaces..
  • We have Integrated technologies to enable automation, such as online, mobile payment
    and discouraged cash payments.
  • We have a documented list of emergency contacts, reporting system and evacuation
    procedures for any arising health related incidents.
  • We have developed cleaning procedures with appropriate disinfectants/sanitizers
    focusing on guest’s luggage, travel documents and high-frequency touch